Welcome to Referican!

In our ever changing world, landing a job at your dream company can sometimes feel impossible. We felt that way too and wanted to help others that were experiencing the same predicament, therefore, decided to create Referican.

Referican aims to increase the chances of our users with getting a job at their favorite top company, be it a FAANG, etc. Similarly, it assists those working in such firms with finding great talent to refer, ultimately allowing them to maximize their referral bonus potential.

Most job listings attract hundreds of applications, but only a small percentage of them are actually filled by those applying. In all actuality, over three quarters of these positions are typically filled through some form of referral, therefore, those who are referred to a position have greater than a 10x chance of being hired when compared to another that applied in the traditional fashion.

Similarly, finding the right talent to refer to your company is a hassle! Most folks working in such firms simply don't have the time to source quality candidates, thus, limiting their referral bonus potential. Here, we wanted to equally simplify this process by taking a minimalistic approach through the delivery of a platform that doesn't attempt to do everything in a mediocre fashion. Instead, Referican does one thing really well - allows people to refer talent and be referred to jobs at top companies.

Outside of this, we wanted to thwart gender and racial bias, opting for an "anonymous until absolutely necessary" model. This is why only the information that matters is shared, like the desired position, skills, experience, and a personal pitch that can help give the referrer an unbiased perspective on the referent (person looking to be referred). We use fun / randomly generated names for users (the Referrer and Referent), like "Prickly Olive Panther" or "Frozen Crimson Gayal" to identify connections in chat communications. Actual names are only revealed after both parties have given consent. Furthermore, with privacy being a top concern, even files exchanged, like resumes or portfolios, are purged / expire and become inaccessible after 24 hours.

So, if you're looking for a job at a FAANG, looking to maximize your referral bonus, or are just interested in seeing what Referican has to offer, we encourage you to join us as we embark on this voyage toward helping people obtain jobs at their top companies, while assisting referrers from the same firms find great talent to refer.


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