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Once connected, chat with a Referrer, providing documents like your resume so they can complete the referral.

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Referring is just as simple!

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Connect with your favorite candidates and chat, requesting necessary documents, like their resume, so you can complete the referral.

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Supercharge your job search

Referican offers the best mix of features to quickly and effectively get referred to the company of your dreams, also enabling referrers to find stellar fitting talent.

Expansive Reach
Get exposure to referrers and talent from all walks of life, truly expanding your prospective possibilities.
Anonymous Until Necessary
To thwart gender and racial bias, only information that matters is shared, where actual names are only revealed after both parties have given consent.
Quickly Express Interest
Easily let those looking for roles know you're interested in them and similarly, accept their offers for referral.
Simple Chat Communication
Connect to referrers and referents (person looking to be referred) with chat, where necessary info and files like resumes or portfolios, can be ephemerally exchanged.

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All in one place

Let Referican help to take the uncertainty and guesswork out of your search for top companies and talent.

Work confidently with verified referrers
Optionally choose to work with verified referrers, all who have the ability to validate their current employers.
Rate your experiences
Share ratings of your experience with our community members for all to see, helping others select who they'd like to work with.
Thwart gender and racial bias
Pick talent based on skills, experience, and abilities, never letting various biases hinder sound judgement.
Stay informed with notifications
Keep current on various outreaches through email notifications, which can absolutely be disabled if one so prefers.
Ephemerally share necessary files
Rest assured that files exchanged on Referican, like resumes or portfolios, are purged / expire and become inaccessible after 24 hours.
Invite your friends
Spread the word and tell your friends about Referican, helping to grow this positively intentioned and supportive community.

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